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Welcome to The Branan Law Firm, PLLC, thanks for visiting

Periodic Update from Andrew
December 2017
  • Transitioning to Faculty Position at North Carolina State University
  • State of the Practice
  • Farm and Environmental Law Group
So I have a bit of an announcement, one which I have been trying to contact as many people in person as possible to deliver, but there's just no time!  I have accepted an appointment with North Carolina State University, Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, as an Assistant Extension Professor.  I'll be doing statewide legal resource publishing and presentation for Cooperative Extension, and will be teaching undergraduate courses in Agriculture Law and Environmental Law.  It's a position that fits me, and it's a good move for my family.  I will remain living in this cool town of Hillsborough.
What is happening to the law practice?  I am dramatically reducing the footprint of The Branan Law Firm, PLLC in North Carolina, and will not be accepting new clients in North Carolina except by special permission of NCSU (I will still be accepting new clients from Virginia and outside of North Carolina).  For current farm succession and other projects that are still in process, I am committed to wrapping up those now and early in the new year.  My colleagues, Chloe Johnson and Heather Keneally, are continuing with their solo practices and I will continue to collaborate with them during this transition.  All current clients will be receiving letters regarding the transition.
More news!  Heather and Chloe, under the guidance of myself and Ted Feitshans also of NCSU (who will be taking his teaching experience to Mount Olive University in 2018), are in the process of forming a practice group, styled the Farm and Environmental Law Group.  This affiliation of lawyers will serve as a portal to connect landowners and farmers with urban and rural farm business, land and environmental challenges, to lawyers passionate in those practice areas.  More information and links to that effort are forthcoming.
During this transtion, all of us can still be reached at the following emails:
Andrew Branan
Chloe Johnson    chloe
Heather Keneally


This has been an exciting seven years in private practice, and our clients have taught me so much.  I'm hoping now to bring that experience and practical legal application new and enhanced publications on various land, title, farm succession and agribusiness law topics, and I'm very excited to be entering the classroom next Fall to teach Agriculture Law.  Be on the lookout for programs scheduled at Cooperative Extension offices around the state.

My apologies if you are a client and are hearing about this for the first time.  I've been traveling around to tell people in person, and I'm resorting to the phone in this compressed and busy season.  If you are hearing about this for the first time, please call me at 919 619 8479 (my cell) and we can discuss the transtion.


Andrew Branan

Hillsborough, NC



A Note About the illustrations on this website:  The illustrations you find on this websites are enhanced photos I've taken over the years on my travels around North Carolina and Virginia.  Photoshop does wonders with the mundane image, even one taken through a windshield.